My Sunday Paper - Volume 31

Happy holidays, loves!  I'm decidedly not shopping this weekend but rather plan to do the majority of my Christmas shopping in Portland next weekend. I love how the PDX's downtown sparkles, and of course how it's much more walkable than Nashville.  I'm glad to have had some time to sift through favorited tweets and bookmarked articles to put together a brand new sparkly Sunday Paper for y'all.  Read all about it!

Smell This

You may not know this, but I loooove perfume.  My collection is small but is very carefully selected. Each scene has a reason I chose it and has a reason for when I wear it.  It's both the science and the emotion behind perfume that fascinates me.  Here are 5 more things you didn't know about perfume

Girl Named Tennessee

Former New Yorkers turned Tennesseans founded "Little Seed Farm" and won West Elm's localsmall business grant. Support them by shopping soaps and skincare made from organic goat's milk and herbs on their family farm.  Want to try your own local, organic kind of project? How about foraging mushrooms!  Learn from chalkboard magazine here.

Cocktail Season

Ok, every season is cocktail season, complete with its own set of traditional offerings and holidays to toast to.  But we're coming up on a season of work parties and family gatherings, Keep these 3 tips for ordering health-conscious cocktails close at hand through the holidays, courtesy of my amazing girlfriends at Sakara Life! Want to impress with your wine selection skills? Use these 8 tips from the world's top sommelier

Hey, Traveler

There's nothing that makes me more angry than poorly dressed airport attire. You're in PUBLIC, people, in CLOSE QUARTERS with other people. I've seen pajama pants complete with slippers.  GASP.  It's a courtesy to look your best, and it's possible to do so while also being comfortable.  Need evidence? Looky here.  And for after the flight?  Look refreshed and ready to go with these flight attendant tips. 

Just Plain Pretty

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