The Unexpected

 A little peek at my new home.

A little peek at my new home.

I don't know if I'd say that life surprises us so much as that sometimes we surprise ourselves.  Several years ago I left my "home" in Nashville to journey outward, believing that I would only very much later - if ever - return to Nashville to live.  And here I am, a week into living in my new apartment, back at home in Nashville. I didn't feel pressured to be here. My friends, my team at work, and my family all supported my plans to return to Brooklyn.  I don't feel like I made the decision begrudgingly in any way.  I am excited to be here.  My business here is booming.  My friends have exciting things happening in their lives like promotions and babies. And I want to be here in the center of all of that.  In the center of my own life.

In my workshops I talk about expectations, that sometimes the expectations we have put on ourselves are even more powerful and more hidden that those that others put on us.  What have you expected of yourself - where to live, when to marry or have a family, what kind of job or home or income or car you'll have... If it's something you want and believe in, then that's fantastic!  But if it's something you're holding on tightly to because you told yourself you're supposed to, then it may be time to let that thing fall away from you.

I've known for a few months now that Nashville was calling me to stay here, that the people I've been meeting and the work I've been doing and the new neighborhoods and restaurants and events all suited the "vision" i have for my life, but it wasn't until I let go of the expectation that I wasn't to live here, that I could embrace it.  

What can you let go of in order to let in the unexpected?

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