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I hope you've enjoyed health + happiness month and you feel ready for the year with a fresh perspective and some well-defined goals.  Here's a summary of the month's posts by category so you can easily find your favorite info to keep you motivated throughout the year, or so you can catch up on any of the goodies you missed.

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Thanks for reading along!  Of course, the posts don't stop here.  There's always more to come!


vision + overview

First Things First

Plan (Really Far) Ahead 

Press Pause 

A Key to Confidence


My Mama Says

Be Intentional (Spiritual Gangster Giveaway)

Fitness + Food ( + Life)

Today is Brought to you by the Word 'Capable'

A History of (Mostly Bad) Food Choices

VIDEO: Tea with Healthy Grocery Girl Megan Roosevelt



All the Single Ladies 

Make Me a Hercules


Magazines, Money and Determination


Invest in Yourself

Value Yourself: Q&A with Financial Coach Ashley Feinstein


Me Time (Deborah Lippmann Giveaway)

Buff & Polish 

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Spiritual Gangster 
Deborah Lippmann 
Healthy Grocery Girl, Megan Roosevelt 
The Fiscal Femme, Ashley Feinstein 

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