A Key to Confidence


We all want to be our most confidence selves.  Not only do we strive to love ourselves as we are, flaws and all, but we also hope to overcome many of those flaws and actually become the person we want to be.  We work out, eat well, climb social and career ladders, attempt to be better friends/girlfriends/wives/parents... essentially we want to do more and do it better.  Have you ever felt like despite all of the cool things you've done, there are still some things you wish you could sweep under the rug?  Like your insecurities rear their ugly heads right when you think you've locked them away?  Learning to tell your story, unedited, is the key to building the kind of confidence we all hope to gain.  You know the kind:

Beyonc√© level confidence.  

What do I mean "tell your story?"  I don't mean you need to write a memoir or send a mass email.  Start by telling it to yourself.  Set aside an hour or so this week (might as well start the year off right!), take out a pen and paper, and ask yourself, "How did I get here?"  You might start with remembering talents you showed or things you loved as a child, times you were discouraged or disappointed, mistakes you made and hard lessons you learned as you became an adult, successes you've had since, things you've struggled with still, things you hope to be.  Write it all down, big or small, significant or seemingly unimportant.  

Next, read through what you've written.  What surprises you?  Are there things you'd forgotten about or thought were irrelevant that you now see have affected you?  Are there things you feel ashamed of or haven't forgiven yourself for?  What positives can you draw from those things?  What can you do in the new year to overcome them?  Begin to look at the entirety of your story as an incredible journey.  It is!  For it's made you who you are today!  

So who are you to tell your story to?  You'll know the right people and the right moments.  Maybe you're seeing part of your story in a new light, and you can share it with an old friend over a glass of wine.  Or perhaps there's a new love interest and it could benefit you to be vulnerable with him.  The reactions you get in these conversations are bound to be full of acceptance - if you approach your story with love for yourself then others will too!

Want to share your story with me? I'd love to listen and encourage you, too!

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