My Sunday Paper: Volume 4 (health + happiness edition)

How are you enjoying health + happiness month?  I am loving sharing so much extra goodness with you, and I hope you're feeling inspired to create an incredible year for yourself!  I'd love to hear some of the amazing things you hope to accomplish, so please share in the comments below and I'll be cheering you on!

As it is with My Sunday Paper, here are the things I've read this week that I thought worth sharing, and I write this while sipping tea (black cherry today).  Read, listen, watch, and then go do!

To Your Health (and mine)

In not very health + happiness fashion, I've been battling a viral respiratory something-or-other for over a week now.  Blerg.  It seems to be one of those things that just needs its time to work its way out of my system, but to make sure my immune system is strong and kickin', I'm adding extra Vitamin C and high alkaline foods to my diet.  Sakara Life recently shared an immunity boosting juice recipe.  Sick or not, ward off the nasties with this.

At chef darling Candice Kumai shares her peanut noodles with chicken recipe.  What got me about this one? It's whole wheat spaghetti!  

Lone Traveler

I love traveling alone.  I have no problem wandering and discovering and sitting in restaurants (table for one!) and being quiet for days at a time.  Refinery29 shared a great post on traveling alone called "I Travel to Feel Lonely...On Purpose."  This brings me to an additional point: We all - I repeat - WE ALL need more time away from noise and busy-ness and our stupid phones that are becoming our brains.  One way I'm doing this in my every day life is that I no longer scroll aimlessly on my phone when I'm in company.  Next up is to lose the habit on the bus - at least some of the time.

See the World in a New Way

One of the (many) things I plan to accomplish this year is my handstand.   I'm gonna nail that sucker without the help of a wall or my boyfriend catching my feet.  Me and my fear, we're going upside down.  Well + Good NYC shared some steps on how to practice handstands.  I like step 4 the best: learn to fall.  See you on the flip side!


There are several fitness brands I keep up with, and one of them is my tone-guru Tracy Anderson.  She was on Bethenny this month for a "diet debate" and to share some of her east to master toning techniques.  Tracy also shared an on-the-go ab workout via her Restart Project that I plan to use while traveling this week.  

She's an origin-al

A new role model, the founder of ORIGIN and now Mantra Yoga magazine was profiled on CBS news.  ORIGIN is always packed with so much positivity - even their twitter feed seems to glow - and I can't wait to check out the new Mantra Yoga.  Get to know Maranda Pleasant and why she's a to-watch entrepreneur.  (My favorite of her tips: have a limitless capacity for hard work.)


I really loved this post from my dayplanner's creator, Danielle LaPorte, What Good Women Want to Say to Good Men.  I even read some of them to my boyfriend.  This was so powerful to me: 

"A Good Woman is your biggest fan. Really, really, REALLY. Even when she’s telling you that you let her down, or that she can’t believe that you forgot whatever, she is so rooting for you to be your strongest, sexiest, coolest you. Your rising is what she craves.

Dude, a Good Woman will go the distance
for you to be your full self.

So, when she hints or hollers about how you might, say, improve on something, consider that she sees your wholeness and is calling it forward."



This is what January looks like to me, via Pinterest

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