...And Floss More

 ...and floss more.

...and floss more.

Recently one of the completely inspiring women I've been working with sent me the following words, and gave me permission to share this with you:

"In high school I was a really unhealthy skinny. I remember thinking how fat I was though. I remember when I started gaining weight I never felt a difference about the way I looked in a mirror even though the scale was going up.  I felt just as fat at 230 lbs as I did at 115 lbs. My self image didn't change then, but now it has. Now I can actually tell a difference when I look in the mirror. I think the weight really doesn't make a difference, feeling healthy does."

With those powerful words, Beth hits on a truly key fact about the way we see ourselves: It has nothing to do with how we look.  It isn't until we take care of ourselves by listening to our inner voices whispering, "I want more out of life.  I want to be well.  I want to show the world how amazing I am/could be..." that we begin to see ourselves as beautiful.  

As we begin a month focused on LOVE, I challenge you to think of at least one way you can love yourself better.  Do you always wish you had more time for yoga class?  Would a quiet 30 minutes while you drink coffee in the morning change your perspective on the day?  How about an extra hour of sleep?  Maybe making a new friend, or spending some valuable time with an old one?  

Share the love!

Write down your one way to love yourself more and share a photo of you with your promise.  Let's all inspire each other this month!  See mine above: "Be more forgiving of my flaws," and the fine print, "and floss more." 

Tag @kimberlynovosel and #andflossmore on Twitter or Instagram.  I'll share the photos and pick one lucky winner for a special gift at the end of the month!!


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