Make Me A Hercules


This quote just stopped me in my tracks:

"Bond over your power, not your wounds."

When I talk to my clients (who I've taken to calling my "warriors" in my notes) about the relationships in their lives, one of the exercises we do is to answer a series of questions about the people closest to them.  Things like, how you're alike, how you differ, how you wish you were more alike, etc.  The purpose is to consider the value of that relationship.  Some are strong and positive, some have the potential to be strengthened, and others may need to be less present if there isn't a value or a solution to what's lacking.  

We talk about what to look for in new friendships or relationships of any kind.  What really captured me about that quote was the sort of backwards truth of it.  My closest girlfriends and I often find we've struggled through similar things.  One friendship in particular was forged during a rough time in both our lives that we were able to help each other through.  And that's what I mean by "backwards truth" - I may have said to you previously that we bonded over our hurt, but I see now that's not the case.  We bonded over our will to heal, our resilience, our power.  

When I say my girlfriends are incredible women, I mean it.  I am stronger for their strength.  Even the people I'm getting to know through my work - the stories people trust me with - move and inspire me and are the highlight of my work.  It's not your struggles, it's your strength.  

We really are warriors.

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