My Sunday Paper: Volume 5

I read this on twitter this morning: "Hills build strength in your muscles, heart, lungs and in your character."  Man, I love fitness metaphors.  Isn't that just like what I say about challenges?  Yes!  The hills we face in life build such character, and when we run them, all the more so.

I love catching up on the week's reading from 30,000 feet in the air. Helloooo in flight wifi!  Here are the highlights:

All Things Water

Guzzling all the water you can and still feeling parched from the cold winter temps? Coconut oil not helping your skin the way it usually does? Sakara Life posted some great info this week on hydrating from the inside out by eating these good-for-you-anyway foods.  

In light of increased awareness from being a grown-up and also new information from films like Blackfish, I've becoming really engrossed in all things Orca.  This is a a cool, continued follow-up piece on SeaWorld's responses to the film.  If you haven't seen Blackfish yet, please do.  Also check out ORIGIN Magazine's Ocean Issue, on stands now.

It's All Good

Meditation has long been a part of my yoga practice, but I struggle to make it a part of my every day habits on its own.  I have the blanket, I write in my planner to meditate 5 minutes a day, and yet I still am not taking that time to sit and do nothing.  But it's not nothing, it's creating space.  And wellness.  This article on meditation as medicine encourages me.  Check in with me next week and see if I've been using my little blanket more.  :)

This is brilliant: 9 friends ever woman should have in her corner.  Can your name your Blunt Betty? Your Vault? See if you have all nine types of support in your life, and maybe try to guess which type of friend you are to others!

I love adding a few drops of oil to my hair after a shower, but I have yet to try the new trend in skincare, face oils.  Have you?  If you're with me and want to venture out, here's a list of the top 10 on the market via Rank & Style.

Money on my Mind

Ashley, "The Fiscal Femme," will be sharing some awesome info here this week. Before you read how she answers my money questions, check out her "start the year off right" financial checklist!  I would add to her list to look into life insurance if you don't have it yet or if your company doesn't offer it.  Having a life insurance plan is one of my greatest sources of "I'm a responsible, prepared adult" pride, and the younger you have a plan the less expensive they are. (And by that I  mean, I pay $10/month. Seriously, do it.) I also like Ashley's post at GoGirlFinance on setting your money goals!

"NYC is about money, LA is about looks — but DC is about power."  Thanks to House of Cards and Marianne Wiliamson's campaign for a congressional seat, I love this blog post from two girls who moved to DC to change the world, shared via Chelsea Krost.  Chelsea was also on The Today Show this week, and yours truly will be sharing a two-part blog on her site in February!  Speaking of Marianne, read an excerpt from her latest book here!


Feelin' all things dreamy this week.

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