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Something dawned on me this week while I was working with a client, and it's a plan that I am going to put into action for myself.  When talking vision and goals, it's common to find that many of the things we want in the years to come involve having more money than we have now, right?  I want to travel more and wider, have a bigger and prettier home, a more chic (though carefully selected) wardrobe, soulcycle every day (that's $$$$ y'all), raise children (also $$$$), and so much more.  And I know I'm not alone in this!

Just as my actions now support the goals I want to achieve, i.e. investing, why shouldn't the financial decisions I make now support the financial life I want to achieve?

Consider this fill-in-the-blank statement:

The more you invest in ____________, the more valuable it becomes.

(Your financial future, your friendships, your marriage, your career, your home, yourself...)

Enter the INVEST IN YOURSELF fund.  I have a savings account, sure, that I'm hoping to actually keep from being empty this year.  It's for emergencies or tough months or bigger purchases and I don't touch it all the time but I do sometimes.  My new idea is to open a second savings account.  A "do not touch, but no pressure" account.  This isn't a "rainy day" fund, nor is it a "retirement" fund, but rather it will accomplish three things:

1. It will grow, even if only a few dollars a month, which will instill confidence in myself and my investing ability.  Like, "look, self, I have one account that actually grows continually!"

2. Over the long-term it will in some way support the ideal life I'm creating.

3. It is an active symbol of the process of investing in myself, of giving to my future, by the actions I take today - serving as a reminder that other "investments" can have the same power.

What a cool way to remember that small choices can make large change.  (Pun not intended.)  What I'll do with the money I save, only my future self knows.


Remember, my financial expert Q&A is still to come during health + happiness month, as well as the next giveaway and so much more!

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