Winter Ziptrip: The Oregon Coast

Over the holidays Colt and I got to take a quick overnight Ziptrip to the Oregon coast to visit the Overleaf Lodge & Spa!  It was the perfect getaway from the city and the craziness of the season, and a very welcome chance to hit the reset button just before the new year.  It was a beautiful winding drive through the mountains and along the coast to Yachats, Oregon.

The Lodge was immediately welcoming.  We got checked in and then and settled into the spa just in time to watch the sunset over the ocean from the hot tub.  Seriously - sunset, ocean, and hot tub.  The only thing I could have added was a drink in my hand!  I also spent a little time in the sauna and steam room, unwinding after a weekend of back-to-back spin classes.  

After dark, we borrowed flashlights from the front desk and wandered a dirt path along the water's edge to a restaurant a few hotels down.  The stars were out, the waves were crashing, and the restaurant had that drink I was hoping to find.  In the morning, breakfast was served and then I took the opportunity to do a little yoga while the waves sprayed wildly against the rocks in front of me.  There's something so powerful and humbling about the ocean, isn't there?  

For you fellow Zipsters, the Overleaf offers 35% off your stay!  I highly suggest a visit there soon for the views, the spa, and the magic of spending time so close to the sea.  Here are a few pictures from the trip!

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