Me Time: Deborah Lippmann Giveaway!

Part of achieving health + happiness in your life includes having a little me time and feeling pampered, which is why I'm so excited to work with Deborah Lippmann to offer our first giveaway of the month!  I've been wearing Deborah's nail polish since - no joke - 2005 when her luxury, often song titled colors were hitting big on the beauty scene.  I still have those first couple of treasured bottles, and we're giving away some of my newest favorites from the collection!  

You're looking at Lara's Theme (the bold coral shade), Before He Cheats (the pink creme, yes, named after the Carrie Underwood song from my run playlist), and Rockin' Robin (mint with black specs, perfect for the winter-spring transition).  There are several ways to earn up to 25 entries to win the shade of your choice below!  I'll announce the winners on Friday.

There's more beauty and wellness fun, and more giveaways, to come!  Keep up with me all month long to make this your Healthiest and Happiest year ever!

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