Yesterday I flew into Seattle from Las Vegas to speak at Seattle U.  (I'm really nervous but if I want to be on The Today Show eventually, I need practice!)  I'm sure you'll hear about how it goes.  Anyway, I went straight from the airport to a yoga class to spend a little time breathing and getting bendy.  The class was focused on the idea of our foundations.  In each pose, the instructor reminded us to be aware of our foundation, to feel the points at which our hands or feet touch the ground, to notice how our foundation makes us taller or lighter in the rest of our bodies, and then reverse back down and notice our weight on those points.  She talked a lot about wavering.  There is always one part of ourselves that never wavers, she said, but that in general wavering is normal and natural and not to be embarrassed about.  As we tackled standing bow I was reminded that wavering sometimes means falling.  That's ok too, she said.  Then came the total zinger:

"The process of wavering and coming back to stability is making you stronger," she said.

#truthbomb.  "Say that again!" I thought.

The process of wavering in our own values, goals, and standards but coming back to our stability does make us stronger.  Stronger than if we'd never wavered.  How about faith!  The process of wavering in our faith and coming back to our stability makes our faith stronger.  The process of wavering in our relationships and coming back to our stability makes the relationship stronger.  I could go on!

Are you wavering now?  Bring your attention back to your foundation.  Remember how strong you are.  Notice how much taller and lighter your roots make you.  Accept the wavering as a positive process, and find your way back to stability.  


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Kimberly Novosel2 Comments