Magazines, Money, and Determination


For some reason this morning I woke up thinking about determination.  I believe that the same thing can be attempted by people with equal skill, equal shortcomings, or equal ability and the one who will come out on top will surely be the person who is most determined.  Take the Super Bowl for instance, they say the team who will win is the team who wants it the most.  There's truth to that!

My first experience with the power of determination was in my middle school years.  It was time for our annual magazine sale where the students each took their catalog of magazines to their family, friends, and dentist offices to sell/beg/charm people into subscribing to as many as possible.  You could earn prizes like those little people made of colored pom poms and various other toys and trinkets for different levels of sales.  Grand prize, they announced at our assembly, was $100.  I wanted rollerblades, and I wanted them badly.  They were white with purple and teal laces, they were beautiful, and they were going to take me everywhere I wanted to go in style and with speed that my old rollerskates couldn't touch.  And for new rollerblades so pretty and amazing, I needed to win that $100.

Darned if I didn't go to every dentist, orthodontist, pediatrist, chiropractor, and optometrist's office in the county.  My shyness didn't even phase me.  I had a job to do.  And wouldn't you know, by the end of the sale, I was number one.  The glory of winning almost outshined the white of those new rollerblades.  Surely none of the other students cared, and I definitely didn't become a school celebrity of any kind, but I felt like my own inner rockstar.  It was sheer will, a blinding determination, that drove my hard work.  And it was hard work.  This is also my first memory of money.  When I handed over the money for those rollerblades, I remember the panic that rose in my chest, and that I cried after we left the store.  Parting with that money I'd worked so hard for was really, really scary.  

So there are two points to reflect on this month as we continue our talks about health and happiness.  Firstly, what drives your determination, or if that drive is lacking what can you do to spark it?  Determination will pull from you your hardest work, and your hardest work will earn success.  Also, the rewards you earn are so much more treasured when you've worked harder for them.  If you're income is something you've sweated for, you're in turn going to allocate it more wisely.  

Go sell some magazines.


Kimberly Novosel1 Comment