A Happy List


I was feeling the need for something a little lighter here today, so I'm sharing five things that are making me happy + healthy right now!

1. Shake & Burn

A post-workout ritual!  After my burncycle or other portland workout outings, I have been stopping at Kure, my favorite juice bar downtown, for something green and invigorating in the form of a smoothie.  Not only is this an additional health boost after my sweat sesh, but it's a treat that motivates me to shake off and burn out the winter blues.

2. Ride On

Speaking of burncycle, that in itself is making me pretty happy.  Since moving to Portland from New York months ago, I'd found several fitness classes I liked but not just the right thing to give me my soulcycle fix.  I was like goldilocks on a stationary bike.  Finally burncycle entered my life and it's juuuuuust right!  I especially love classes with Will, ever the party host, and Jessi, who might just be my spirit animal.

3. Teas Me

This is the time of year that I get really sick of being cold, really sick of my winter clothes, and I also got really sick with some terrible respiratory virus with a nasty cough attached.  Tea has been soothing to me in every way.  I love the calm of waiting for the whistle, the fun of choosing a flavor (blueberry has been a recent fave), the warmth to ward off the chill, and the health benefits to my poor sick body.  The only upside of this illness is that the coughing seems to be an ab workout.

4. Pencil It In

My new planner is the bomb.  I have my appointments and workouts written in for each day and throughout the day I add what I eat and how much money is in my bank account.  On the other side of the page there's a list of things I want to do and feel this week.  It just covers ev-er-y-thing in such a small space.  It's a delight!

5. Doller Menu

Speaking of keeping track of my funds, the get out of debt in 2014 plan I'm creating is really super exciting.  I've been a slave to debt for my entire adult life, and to think that it is finally coming to an end is overwhelmingly awesome.  It's going to take hard work, sacrifice, and dedication... none of which are things I can't handle.  If you're trying to get your finances on track too, you're in luck - I'll be talking more about money stuff this month!  

Got five things making you feel happy + healthy this week? Share in the comments below!


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