Plan (Really Far) Ahead

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Now that you've adjusted your attitude toward challenge, it's time to create a vision.  What will your year look like?  What does it lead to?

Imagine a day later in the 2014... let's say Monday, November 3rd.

Where does your day start? In your current home or are you living somewhere else? In your current city, or somewhere new? How do you spend your morning? Your afternoon? What tasks do you accomplish? Where do you go? How much money is in your bank account? Who do you talk to, spend time with, rely on? How do you spend your evening? How do you feel at the end of the day?  Write it down!

Be sure to mention things like career, finances, relationships, fitness, hobbies, even travel.  This vision is going to be your guide.  All of the actions you take today, next week, next month, will directly lead you to making this vision a reality.  Come November 3rd, you'll be living this very day you've imagined.  So think big!!

Also keep in mind what this vision can lead to in even longer terms.  Is there something you hope to do in five years, or fifteen, or in your lifetime that this year can build towards?  

Oh my gosh. Isn't it exciting? Does it scare you a little? Are there challenges ahead? There'd better be!  Remember:

If it's easy, you're doing it wrong!

Drawing a blank on any of these areas of your life? Need help figuring out how to make your vision into your reality? Keep up with me all month for many more tips on making this your Healthiest and Happiest year ever!

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