Gracious Hosts


Over the last couple of weeks I've been honored to guest blog for some gracious hosts!  For Sakara Life, a healthy meal home delivery service that I love (their salads, wow!), I wrote about the Three Point Turn, a strategy I use when facing any change in life.  From creating a new habit to an unexpected career change, these three questions will help guide you through the change and onto your new path.   

At Count Me Healthy Jewelry, whose bracelets I use to track things like glasses of water I drink each day (never enough!), I shared one way to better your life this week by clearly setting a goal further in the future and "counting backwards" to discover the proper action steps now. 

I've also kicked off a weekly video series on my YouTube channel!  Watch The Company You Keep here, and be sure to Subscribe in order to catch this week's video as well.

Thank you again to Count Me Healthy and Sakara Life for having me! 



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