Portland Adventure


I've you've been following along with me this summer, you'll know that I left New York to spend some time (the foreseeable future) in Portland, Oregon.  I've always been taken with this region of the country - the views, the potential for adventure, the green everything, the wine - and was ready to spend some more time exploring here.  I brought along my boyfriend Colt, a wine expert.  Our goal together is to visit many of the wineries in the region, learning more about taste (me - so far I'm kind of challenged with this), and learning how to grow and make it (Colt - for he's already a tasting expert). We're thinking of someday owning a vineyard, so this is prime research time for us!

One of our first wine tasting conversations went like this:

Colt: What do you taste? 
Me: It's sweeter?
Colt: You're a writer.  Use your words.  There's no wrong answer here.
Me: It's tastes like fresh dew in springtime!
Colt:  (shakes head)

We prefer to walk or use public transportation daily around the city, so when our weekends hit we use Zipcar* to get out of town and into wine country.  Here's a little summary of our first trip: We hopped in a car right in our neighborhood and quickly were off to see the spectacular Multnomah Falls and walk the vineyard grounds at Edgefield.  We climbed the falls and ate sandwiches we'd packed for our journey, asked all our newbie questions to the sommelier at Edgefield's tasting room, and admired the view of the gorge on our scenic drive, all to a soundtrack of Macklemore, The Shins, and Kings of Leon. Within a few hours, we were back at home in the city, ready to do it all again next weekend.

Who knows! In 5-10 years you could be attending one of my workshops, or on a food/wine tour, at our very own vineyard!

*Whether we're visiting a vineyard to study grapes, hiking waterfalls or camping on the coast, Zipcar is our way to go!  Check out Zipcar here.

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