Three Things to Start Doing This Week

Last week I had some awesome conversations both on the phone and in person with women who see themselves in a variety of ways.  Some have begun to make big changes in their lives and are excited about what's happening right now.  Another was worried about how her "American Dream" held up to others'.  Yet another has taken hit after hit to her self esteem and though she knows it, she doesn't know what to do about it.  They all had in common that they want to live the absolute best possible life they can.  They all believe me when I say #everythingispossible.

No matter your current situation - victorious, eager, confused, grateful - here are three things you can start doing this week that will help you live your best possible life, too.

1. Define your own standards.  It's time to stop comparing yourself to others. What is it that you want to measure up against? What does "success" look like to you?  What does "beautiful" really mean in your book?  You're really competing with yourself. Run faster. Work harder. Risk bigger.  And do it all knowing that if it doesn't turn out like you hope, you get to do it again and do better than yourself the next time.

 When I say "walk taller" I mean in addition to your wedged sneakers.

When I say "walk taller" I mean in addition to your wedged sneakers.

2. Become ageless.  I don't want to hear any more of that "by this age I thought I would be..." or "most of my friends are (successful, married, financially stable) already," crap.  It's crap!  Good for them.  You are you, and your path is different, and your path is beautiful and it's leading you to amazing things. If you want those things, you can strive for them. Thinking they should have happened already is a waste of brain power and a killer of positive energy. You know what they say, "You are exactly where you are supposed to be."  This might be more accurate to say, "You are exactly when you are supposed to be."

3. Grow an inch taller.  Yes, that's what I just said.  I'm not talking about buying one of those stretchy machines that hangs you from your toes in your living room.  I mean it like this: I'm 5'4", average for a woman or on the shorter side for mankind.  But I am not small on the inside, so I've decided it's time I walk a little taller.  And I do mean that literally.  I'm walking around town as if I was 5'5" - my posture is better when I do, my spine is elongated which leads to better health benefits, and I feel more like the force I really am.  Walk taller with me this week.