5 of Life's Best Lessons (So Far)

What have you learned in life?  You know, the little things that make a big impact on what it means to live?  Here are 5 of my favorite life lessons.  Share yours in the comments!


1. Have your passport. I don’t care if you have plans to travel now or ever. If you have an up-to-date passport and the opportunity arrises to travel abroad, you won’t have the “I don’t have my passport” reason to say no.

2. Compete with yourself, encourage others. If you’re doing your very best in anything you do, then there’s no wondering “what if?” If you’re too focused on competing with others, you’re not giving yourself the attention you need, and you’re not building others up either. Consider yourself your best competition and spend your extra energy encouraging others instead of stepping on them. There’s room for us all to succeed in our own ways, and I promise, you’ll feel more fulfilled!

3. Buy the concert tickets. I’ve seen enough shows to know that some stand out in your memory more than others, but never have I gone to a show and thought, “what a waste.” If a band you love, or at least are curious about, is coming to town, grab a friend and GO!

4. Watch.  You’re waiting for someone outside a restaurant, for your drink in Starbucks, on the train platform?  Put that phone in your pocket and see what there is to see.  One of my goals this year is to notice more detail in the world.  Even if there’s nothing interesting to see, at least you’re letting your mind work on its own without constant electronic stimulation, and you’d be surprised the energy that can come from being a part of living society instead of digital society.

5. Sleep in.  Not every day, and not when you have plans, but sometimes.  And don’t you dare feel guilty about it!

What would you add to this list?