My Sunday Paper: Volume 2


Happy Sunday!  It's unlikely to reach even 30 degrees outside today, which means I am absolutely, under no circumstances, leaving this house.  That's given me plenty of time to sort through all of the links I've bookmarked through the week and put together the things I think you'll most want to see, right here from my cozy blanketed spot on the couch.

Color Me Radiant Orchid

Pantone has announced that its Color of the Year for 2014 is "radiant orchid."  Prepare your Pinterest boards for an onslaught of this violetty-pink hue.  I'll admit, I thought 2013's emerald was more inspiring, but if it has to be pink I am glad they chose a shade with blue undertones.  What do you think?

Artist Jee Young Lee created colorful and elaborate scenes in his small studio, turning his non-photoshopped images into magical worlds full of human emotion, many of them like Wonderland with disproportionately sized objects and alterations to gravity.  My favorite is "Broken Heart," a kind of literal interpretation of the Korean expression, “like breaking a stone with an egg."


I gave up sweets for the month of December (yes, really), but this Superfood Holiday Hot Cocoa recipe from Sakara Life has nothing but goodness in it.  Raw cacao is different than processed chocolate, so I can sip this without cheating.

Lauren Conrad's Paper Crown line is feminine and playful while still calling upon sophisticated polish.  I'm smitten with this look, and this one, and this one too... and now I'm realizing how badly I want a pair of leather pants and the courage to wear them.

Good Stuff

I love this list of "Things New Yorkers Do" from internet darling Garance Doré.  Now living in Manhattan, the frenchwoman has the city pegged pretty well.  And as always, her illustrations are beautiful.  I'd hang this one in my office.

"Because who is perfect?" You must - absolutely must - watch this video in which an artist recreates the forms of people whose images are what society believes to be less than perfect.  But who decides what beautiful is, anyway, right?  This is so moving.  

Origin Magazine has launched a sister-in-print called Mantra Yoga Magazine, celebrating "Yoga + Active Lifestyle, Nature, Health, Adventure, Organics and all things Vegetarian," now at Whole Foods and other retailers. Sign me up!

What's Up

This past week my first weekly blog email was sent out to subscribers.  Didn't get it?  Join the list here!  I also announced a holiday special for my workshops from now until December 31st.  Let's start the new year with a new you!

Pretty Things

This week was full of visual delights in home decor, beauty, fashion, travel, and holiday inspiration.  Here are a few of my favorites.  See more on my Pinterest page!


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