First Things First


Happy 2014, and Happy Health + Happiness Month at  (That's a lot of happys.)  Throughout January, we'll be exploring different aspects of our lives and learning how to improve upon each, growing into our best selves and making 2014 our best year ever!

But first things first.  There is no way you'll succeed at everything you want to become and accomplish this year without first adopting the right attitude.  You absolutely must believe and live the following:

Do not run from something because it's going to be difficult; Run toward it.  Do not take the easy route to completing something; Take the better route.  Do not shy away from a challenge because of the possible road blocks; For challenges are future accomplishments.  Again?

Challenges are future accomplishments.

If you can first promise this to yourself, then we can start to talk about what health and happiness looks like to you, and how to get it.

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Kimberly NovoselComment