My Sunday Paper: Volume 3

Hello, Sunday.  Nice to see you and your cozy, relaxed self.  This week all my favorite articles happened to be from the wellness scene, which is right in line with what I'm usually talking about anyway.  So I hope you don't mind.

Slather it On

A few months ago I jumped on board the coconut oil craze.  I've never been big on applying lotions regularly, but I'd heard so many good things about coconut oil I had to find out what the fuss was about.  And happily I discovered a delightful new routine!  The stuff is amazing on my skin and even more so, I like the shine it gives me.  It makes me feel like a Victoria's Secret model or something.  Well + Good listed coconut oil in their 10 Fitness + Wellness trends of 2014, and the whole list is worth reading too.  Favorites like indoor cycling, hot yoga that's not bikram, and green juices are included, as well as printed leggings, for which I'm still working up the courage.

Sorry to my Downstairs Neighbors

I'm an outdoor runner who can't stand a treadmill, so I've found myself slacking on cardio this winter in lieu of hot yoga or other indoor activities.  I just came across this running in place interval workout from SHAPE that will help me get my cardio done right in my apartment.  Win.

Strength on the Inside

Gwyneth Paltrow and Tracy Anderson's "Restart Project" is available for streaming starting tomorrow!  The show features women who have overcome various types of adversity, my favorite kind of stories.  Anderson says of the women featured on the show, “They’re not focused on getting into their skinny jeans. They’re focused on healing themselves from the inside out.”  Which is truly the point of wellness, says me and this article in Women's Health.


Please spread the word about my end-of-year workshop deals.  You never know which of your friends or acquaintances might be inspired to make some changes, and I would love to help boost that process for them!  


I'm ready for the addition of some spring greens to our winter blues, how about you?

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