14 Things to Decide Before 2014

YAY!  More goal setting!  Nothing is more important to living our best lives than taking the time to reflect on what's behind us and consider what's in front of us.  Of course, the end of one year and the start of another is an excellent time to do such a thing, but never be afraid to do this in March or July or whenever you need to create some change.  

Before 2014, take some time to answer each of these fourteen questions for yourself.


1. What is the best thing I accomplished this year?

2. What did I hope to do, that I didn't?

3. On what did I spend money?

4. Who came into or faded from the inner circle of my life?

5. Do I love my career, my field, my company, my position?

6. Am I happy with my level of fitness and wellness?

7. Am I living as my most authentic self, or is there a "real me" that few people actually know?

Looking Ahead

8. What is the thing I most want to accomplish in the next year?

9. Where would I like to travel, and how will I make it happen?

10. On what would I most like to spend money?

11. In what ways do I want to change or grow my relationships?

12. What do I most want to accomplish in my career?

13. What changes would I like to make in my fitness/wellness habits?

14. In what ways can I live more authentically?

I'll share my answers in the comments below!  Join in by adding one - or several - of your own!

Kimberly Novosel3 Comments