Why Wednesday: One Little Thing


With 2014 approaching there will be all kinds of resolutions set, gym memberships attained and lofty goals promised to ourselves over limitless Christmas cookies and glasses of champagne.  I happen to think resolutions are doomed to fail and January is probably the worst month to join a gym, but I do love goal setting.  I just think there's a better way to do it.  Before we all get out our new 2014 calendars, I'll be sharing with you some more of my goal-setting tips.  But for today, let's talk about changing just one little thing.

Why one little thing? Because sometimes, that's all it takes.

When I moved to New York a couple of years ago I needed to find something to replace my on-and-off workout regimen in Nashville, but on a new New York budget (read: FREE).  So I took to running on the track down the street from my apartment.  You may have heard me tell this story before - I couldn't run any more than a quarter mile at first without slowing to a walk.  But it was that one goal to run three miles that snowballed into changing the way I work out, eat, what I read, write about, talk about, and how I think about myself.  

Take some time this week to ask yourself what one thing you'd really like to see yourself accomplish that, even if it's little, feels really big.  Take a cooking class, ask for a promotion at work, take more baths, switch from dairy products to a healthy alternative, call your parents more often, make a new friend.  Whatever it is, let that one thing challenge you, then change you, and then evolve into other goals.  While multi-tasking with goals is definitely doable, it may be just as or more affective to focus on accomplishing one at a time.

What little/big goal is at the top of your list? Share in the comments below!

Kimberly NovoselComment