My Sunday Paper: Volume 1


Welcome to my first "Sunday Paper."  Here each week you'll be able to catch up on some reading over your coffee, on the train home, or from bed where you refuse to leave because, well, it's Sunday.  If you're like me, there are so many tasks to complete throughout the week that often when I come across an article that catches my attention, I bookmark it to come back to later.  And that "later" may or may not ever happen.  So here is where I will do some of that reading for you and share only the best ones that should have your attention, followed by a handful of the best images I've found (or pinned) throughout the week.  Let's be honest here, we might as well tickle as many senses as we can, right?

So, for your lazy Sunday pleasure, I give you, My Sunday Paper.  Pour the coffee.

Sip This

With Thanksgiving behind us and today kicking off December, the holidays are officially upon us!  Celebrate Red Day today with a drink at Starbucks, who is donating 10 cents to the RED global fund for every drink.  If something a little stronger is calling your name, Bethenny's Frankel's Eggnog recipe is only 148 calories, which means you can call three of them dinner. (Just kidding?) 

Watch & Listen

Next week I'll be talking with LoveLoft's Lizzie Beadon, whose "dream is to create a community of confident, life-passionate women in their 20s." Sound like anyone else you know?  Check out LoveLoft for short, sweet and entertaining videos on things like success, self-sabotaging and handling haters. (I'll let you know when and where you can hear our chat!)

I'm still listening to this mind blowing cover of Marcy Playground's Sex and Candy by Allen Stone whose voice is seriously from the heavens.  I'm also a big fan of this cover of Wrecking Ball by some dude who looks a bit like James Franco. (Do you see it? Am I nuts?)  And because I love "Royals" AND every single thing Pixie Lott does: this one tops my video playlist right now.

Get Smart

Anyone whose mantra is "LOVE" gets my vote.  If you don't know who Marianne Williamson is or what she's planning to do for our country through Congress, check out her campaign page.  The Huffington Post weighs in on a trend in education, claiming that students are no longer taught to "question," as they once were.  I value education more in my adulthood than I did as a child and a college student, and I hope that those changed priorities will become a force that improves education for our children.  Perhaps you'll see me running for Congress in another decade... Lead the way Marianne! 

OM for the Holidays

The holidays are not a contest to see who can stress themselves out the most.  Let's start a revolution by being women who don't throw our wellness goals out the window over the holidays and instead keep our cool and our shape this season, yeah? First, try these calming and restorative yoga poses. Then work these flu fighting foods into your diet to ward off sickness.  Shop tomorrow to pick up your personalized Metamorphosis DVD set for 25% off and be able to sweat and shape without leaving the house this month.  Lastly, top off your fresh holiday spirit by trying a new hairstyle for each party you attend.  A Lover's Anthology's 30 Days of Hair has you covered!

What's Up

Finally, what's coming up this week?  I'll be posting a new video of answers to some of your most pressing and most fun questions.  Want more holiday season tips? My thoughts on fitness? Travel? Love? 2014 goals? Let me know in the comments below.  I'll be filming tonight!

Pin all the Things

Here are a handful of the prettiest or most inspiring images from Pinterest this week.


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