Why Wednesday: Wear Lipstick by Elizabeth Fuller


My friend and lipstick role model Elizabeth Fuller (A Lover's Anthology) is answering today's Why Wednesday Question: Why Wear Lipstick.  Read on!

On New Years two years ago, I made just one resolution: Wear More Lipstick (instagram proof here). I acknowledge that this is certainly a more trivial resolution than vowing to drop 20 pounds or mentally committing to visiting a 3rd world country, but having never been one to make a serious resolution, and being just on the brink of coming into my own, this felt like the perfect commitment to make.

And so I did. Having no idea how or where to start, I dove into any magazine article that talked to me about what color lipstick to wear, how to wear it, when to wear it. I went and made an appointment at my local MAC counter and asked them to show me the basics. I started with red lips, because if I was going to go all in, I was going to go all in, and I wanted people to know that I was now wearing lipstick.  I wanted to be a woman confident enough to wear red lipstick whenever she damn well pleased.

That is why I made this commitment, because I wanted to be a confident woman and wearing lipstick would help, I just knew it would. I envied the women that carried themselves with such poise and confidence while wearing a red lip, not caring at all what people thought of them or what man might be turned off. They knew that red lipstick was a symbol of feminism and strength and a total power play, and I wanted to know that for myself as well. I wasn’t wearing lipstick before this simply because I didn’t have the confidence in myself to feel good enough while wearing it. I wasn’t sure of who I was, I didn’t know where I was going or what I wanted to do, I knew only that I was deeply unhappy where I was living, didn’t like my job, was being belittled in another job, and I saw lipstick as this way to transform me into being confident enough to change all of that.

So by now you think I’m crazy, I understand. But the crazier part is that it actually worked. I actually began to see this shift in myself every time that I wore a bright red lipstick out of the house at 8 AM and didn’t give a damn who voiced their negative opinion. And every time that I had a big day or a big meeting, I put on that red lipstick and told myself that I was capable of anything, and I truly believed it.

After my own personal lipstick revolution, I began to get my friends into it too, often times hearing the same story that I had played over and over in my head, “I don’t know, I don’t think I can pull lipstick off. I am going to look like a clown!” Nope, no you aren’t. You are beautiful and you are confident enough to welcome the stares of strangers. And not surprisingly, every friend that started, has never looked back.

Y’all, lipstick is FUN! I love that I can put on a perfectly boring outfit if I’m feeling uninspired, throw on a beautiful lipstick and look completely put together; the perfect finishing touch to any look. I love that lipstick is bold and feminine and empowering, and I am of the belief that all women should feel that way everyday.

So why should you wear lipstick? Because you are beautiful and confident enough to do so, and this is a good way to tell the world you believe that.

And p.s. a stranger’s stare often times only feels negative because that’s how we perceive ourselves. Decide you feel great and that’s what every person's stare turns into. Little stares of affirmation or awe all throughout the day.

Unsure of where to start in this lipstick jungle? Here's a great guide that I put together for a friend's website last year regarding that, that is still totally applicable: How to Wear Bold Lipstick.

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