Why Wednesday: Keep Track


One of my #66days goals is keeping a food journal.  Why?  Because when I treat myself to fries today and a brownie tomorrow, I may not make the "too many treats" connection if I don't see it written in front of me.  Or even further, I may turn down the brownie when it occurs to me that I'll have to write it down, making it "real" that I ate it.  Especially when I had a pack of Reece's peanut butter cups a few hours ago... You get the idea.

Women's Heath published this article recently on achieving the results you want from diet and exercise.  If you're not seeing a change, it says, it's probably because you aren't eating as well as you think (portion sizes, perhaps, or the above-mentioned over-treating) or your workouts might not be as long/hard/frequent as you think they are.  I mean, the feel hard, so they must be effective, right?  Maybe not.

I like to tell myself that the effort I put in this week will show up next week.  That way, I don't get discouraged tomorrow when those tight jeans aren't fitting any better, or when my arms aren't as toned as they are tired.  If next week I'm still not seeing or feeling what I expect to see or feel, then I know I need to challenge myself further.  And the best way to know what "further" means is to be able to look back and see what I actually consumed and how much activity I actually accomplished. 

Join me in your own #66days challenge!  I'm drinking more water, working out, and keeping a food journal each every single day from October 30 to January 1st.  I write in an actual paper journal but my friend Sarah likes MyFitnessPal.com, and there are several great apps for your phone as well.  

What good habits will you challenge yourself to create?  Read the original post here, track the #66days conversation on Twitter, and share your goals below! 

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