One Way to be Grateful


I've seen so many people posting all month long something different that they're grateful for each day, and while of course any gratitude offered sincerely is wonderful, I'd like to suggest another way to give thanks this week.

We have so much to be grateful for.  Food on our tables, clean clothes in our closets, dear friends and family, our health and the health of those we love, opportunities at work and the ability to travel, blessings within our faith.  I could go on: yoga classes, Starbucks lattes, puppies and Pinterest and pretty much everything.  

Instead of making these lists where each of these things, albeit precious, becomes less precious as a fraction, why not focus on one thing and give so much gratitude, all the gratitude you can muster, for that one thing, at this particular moment in your life?

I know a woman who was very sick earlier this year with something that befuddled the doctors.  She began to wonder if she might live to see the holidays, with whatever this awful mysterious thing was.  Finally she was diagnosed with something that is manageable.  I bet this year she's especially thankful for her health and to be here with her family.

A friend of mine had trouble conceiving a child. Having gone through all the scary and frustrating and exhausting avenues possible to make this happen, finally she's preparing to welcome a baby in the new year.  One guess what she's most thankful for.

I'm going to spend some time searching my heart this week, sorting my mental list of blessings, so that come thursday I don't just shout over my plate of turkey, "I'm thankful for everything! Weee!" but instead can speak truly from that one little place in my heart that's shining brighter.  

I'd love to hear yours.  Please share your one special piece of gratitude below, or come back this week once you've had time to reflect.

Kimberly NovoselComment