Magic in the Mundane


I remember one of my first trips to New York, long before I ever thought of living there, My friend Sara and I were walking through her Upper East Side neighborhood.  "Every building is so amazing!" I said, looking up at the intricate and unique architectural details of each structure we passed.  We walked by a park, "so pretty!" I said.  Sara looked at me like I was nuts.  She was so used to her surroundings and just hurrying to work each day.  And even after I moved there and discovered the smell of hot garbage and rainy days when the subway is down when you can't get a cab, and cab drivers in general, and the horror of searching for an apartment, I still found the city to be so full of magic in every detail.  

And that new vision I brought to Sara is how I try to look at life.  The every days, the ordinary moments, hold so much precious magic.  My walk though a historic cemetery neighborhood each day coming home from Starbucks, leaves falling from the trees.  A phone call to brainstorm my new company's branding, sharing ideas that hold so much promise.  Surviving yet another hot yoga class.  Colt's smile when he's finished cooking a dinner that he's so proud of.  The twinkle lights on the trees in downtown Portland.  The feeling of nostalgia I get when the streetcar rumbles by.

I have to admit, some days it isn't easy.  Some days there seems to be no magic to be found.  Yesterday was my birthday.  I started out the day by going to hot yoga, where the girl next to me was so close she was constantly in my peripheral vision which was made even worse by the fact that she hit each pose like a cheerleader (WARRIOR 2! BOOM!  REVERSE WARRIOR! BOOM!) instead of flowing from one to the next.  It annoyed me the entire class.  Then my mail key fell out of my pocket in the locker room and when I walked back down there later to find it, I arrived just after a class started and they'd locked the door.  So I walked home again, defeated and with my just-styled hair now flat from the wind.

I had a little down-on-myself moment then I restyled my hair, put on my Alejandro Ingelmo heels and headed out to dinner, ready to see the day with new eyes.  And there it was again, laughing with friends, good food, a super cool server, a little chocolate cake with a matchstick as a candle, and a birthday card that actually said, "magic" on it.

Some days it's harder than others.  We're certainly allowed moments of, "nothing is going my way!"  Sadness and frustration and anger are all necessary at their own times.  But never give time to boredom.  Never let the ordinary be bland.  Always look for magic in the mundane.  


Post Script: When I did get my mail key back and checked for yesterday's mail, there was nothing in the box.  I guess that's magic's sense of humor.

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