Forget About "Feeling Like It"


Happy Sunday! Here's one way to better your life this week. It's a practice that, if you will commit to it, can become second nature; A way of thinking that will make your life easier today and over time.  Do I have your attention?

Most of the time that we are faced with a decision between doing the thing that's best for us and doing the thing that's easiest, we choose easiest.  To grill some chicken and veggies for dinner, or throw in a frozen pizza?  To make an uncomfortable call to a client when you could just sort your email inbox?  To go to the gym or to watch three more episodes of How I Met Your Mother while Pinning things on your iPad?  To do the dishes now or wait, letting them pile up for another day or two?  Right - most of the time you're eating pizza, watching HIMYM, and Pinning on your iPad while the dishes pile up and phone calls still need to be made.  Am I right?

What is the common factor that lies behind all of these "easy" and perpetually mediocre decisions? This one excuse:


The five single most disgusting words in the english language.  Seriously.  When will you ever feel like doing the dishes?  When will you get to the office and feel like starting your day with your least favorite task?  When will you feel like standing at the stove for 15 minutes when you could have your butt parked on the couch?  When will you feel like going to the gym and working so hard to pour sweat out your eyeballs when you could do, well, anything else instead?  Never! 

But think about this: How great is it when the dishes are done and you pause to marvel at your clean kitchen?  How much better is it to look forward to your day knowing the hardest task is behind you?  And how much taller do you walk after you finish a super challenging workout?

Come on.  Let's all wake up to how we sabotage ourselves.  We limit our greatness.  We make things more difficult than they have to be.  We procrastinate on the silliest little things, a habit that seems so minor but when it comes into play in big ways can truly affect our success, our health, and our happiness.

Try this out this week: When you choose not to do something you should be doing, ask yourself why.  I guarantee 99% of the time your answer is I don't feel like it.  Do not allow yourself to say those words.  Do that thing.  Right at that moment!  And little by little, those words won't hold power over you anymore. 

If eliminating procrastination is a way in which you want to make big changes in your life, I highly recommend my friend Rory Vaden's book Take the Stairs.  It has changed the way I think about getting things done.  You can buy it here.


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