White Floors, Bare Feet, Blur


I've been talking and will continue to talk a lot about creating a clear vision and a detailed plan for your life, and I fully believe in the value of those things.  But even in the most certain and calculating minds there will be things that are unknown.  These spots will remain like the dots you see after someone blinds you with their unnecessarily bright iPhone flash, and you'll think, "but I don't KNOW!"

You're in good company.  Neither do any of the rest of us.  In fact, in my own vision for "career," I see this:  I work in a position of creative leadership with a team of people whose core beliefs are aligned with mine; where I'm able to brainstorm, plan, and execute often; that I'm able to sometimes work from home and travel often; and that I'm making people's lives better.

That's it - there's not one particular position or industry that I've called out.  In 10 years it's entirely possible that I will be hosting wellness retreats in Mexico, or talking about this very subject on The Today Show, or running a magazine, or running for Congress.  And the steps that I take today, this year, and beyond can all be strategic and specific even if I don't know which of those outcomes will come to be.  Even if I had only one role in mind, chances are I'd change courses before then anyway, as our visions do evolve over time.  Focusing on the qualities of the life you want to lead, in some cases, will actually bring more clarity.

Other things I've envisioned with such ferocious specificity, like how much white there is in my home, or our garden and the picnic table out back, or my little girl's bare feet toddling to me when I get home.  Then again, it's the characteristics of those images - the emotion they evoke - that inspire me.  Not the things themselves.

So keep this in mind as you're creating your vision, be it for one year or ten:

It's not what you want that matters, it's how much you love the life you're creating.  

Kimberly NovoselComment