The Self-Motivation Six


Someone (Hi Tricia!) posed a question on my Facebook page, “What makes you self-motivated?” and I thought, “Woah - that’s a loaded question.”  So many things come together, or show up in different situations, to drive my self-motivation. 

Here are some of them:

1. Background: I was raised with the awesome combination of having hard-working, self-made parents who set the example for me that nothing comes to be that isn't earned with hard work, perseverance, and sacrifice.  In addition, they raised me with a “you can do anything you dream!” mentality.  So, as I became an adult I knew success wouldn’t come easily and I didn’t believe anything would be simply handed to me, yet I didn’t limit myself to believing I was only qualified for certain kinds of jobs or roles in society or levels of success.  The sky was the limit, so to speak, as long as I built the staircase myself.

2. My personality type: I’m a leader and a perfectionist, which leads me to strive for several things continually: Positions of authority, people to look up to me, and knowing that I’m offering/performing at my absolute best.  (See: INTJ)

3. Entrepreneurship: It’s a blessing and a curse.  It’s my self-motivated personality type that lead me to being an entrepreneur, and it’s being an entrepreneur that helps me maintain self-motivation.  If I don't get my work done and do it well, my clients would be unhappy and I will lose them.  If I don't continually put myself out there and believe in the worth of my work, I won’t get new clients.  My business is 100% reliant on me doing the work.  Which brings me to…

4. A sense of responsibility:  Not only in my work, but in other aspects of life (relationships, health, hobbies, etc.) I am 100% responsible for myself.  How happy or fulfilled I am, what I offer to others in my life, comes from my own willingness to learn, to grow, to give my best.  And THAT brings me to…

5. The call to make a difference: I believe in God, and that He has a plan for my life.  I believe that the talents He has blessed me with and the passions He’s placed in my heart are for the purpose of making others’ lives better.  I want to honor this call.  Some of the most rewarding moments for me have been hearing people say that my writing has made them feel less alone or inspired them in some way.  Or when a self-development client says to me, “because of that question you asked me, I invested in someone else’s career that may not have gotten off the ground otherwise,” or “the thing you encouraged me to do for myself actually improved my marriage as well.”  I want us ALL to live our best lives, and I have to set an example.

6. Survivorship: Through times of pain, grief and loss in my life, I've discovered that the only way to overcome is through action and evolution.  I once wrote that trying new things during the grieving process is like putting stones across a pond - it's those new experiences that help you cross to the next place.  Through rebuilding myself each time I'm broken down, I've learned to survive and to thrive. 

In order to be successful in my work, honor what my parents taught me, fulfill my purpose, build healthy relationships, and be happy in my own life, I must be my very best self.  And to be our very best selves, we must never stop reaching.  That’s what I believe to be self-motivation.

How would you answer this question for yourself?