My Manifest


Fall is an awesome time to think about change.  As the air cools and the colors of the world around us deepen, the world preparing for rest before rebuilding, so should we.  What have you accomplished so far this year?  What have you learned about yourself?  What did you hope to accomplish but haven't yet?  What have you discovered that you want for your life in the next year, or two, or ten? 

I've begun to map out 2014 and am preparing myself for what needs to be done.  Here's a look at my own personal manifest.  Now off to stock my tree for nuts and berries. 

      -I will complete my Myers-Briggs training in Seattle in February.
      -I will plant a garden in the spring as well as join a local farm share program.
      -I will travel to San Francisco (for the first time!) in February.
      -I will run and do yoga at least 3 times a week each.
       -I will own a bicycle for trips to my garden, the market, or Starbucks.
      -I will drink 5+ glasses of water per day.
      -I will complete my yoga teacher training by the end of 2014.
      -I will travel to Mexico in October for Carrie's wedding/vacation, during which time I'll be 100% unplugged from work/internet.
      -I will camp at least one weekend per month in weather-permitting seasons.
      -I will accompany Colt to a wine tasting an average of once a week.
      -I will send the finished first draft of my newest book our for opinions, and also will secure an agent at a major literary agency.
      -I will share my self-development program with at least 30 one-on-one clients, making 2014 the best year in the lives of those people.
      -I will try paddle-boarding, outdoor rock climbing, and hiking at least once each.
       -I will nail my handstand.  And then nail my handstand on a paddle-board.
      -I will have paid off my entire credit card debt (possible by end of 2013).
      -I will complete at least 10 public speaking opportunities.

      And of course, this is a work in progress!  Feel free to share yours with me - I would love to cheer you on!! 


      Kimberly Novosel1 Comment