Why Wednesday: Every Day for 66 Days


Have you ever tried to form a habit?  Working out in the mornings before work, maybe, or replacing those beloved Diet Cokes with sparkling water?  It's not long before you've reverted to one workout a week, or Diet Coke at lunch time again, right?  I was reading SHAPE Magazine on my flight home from Austin this weekend when I came across this startling fact.  Research shows that it takes SIXTY-SIX days to form a habit.  Probably like me you've heard just 21 days, or 3 weeks, but the reality is that it takes roughly two months, or 66 days.

There are 3 habits I'm trying to form right now to make my daily life healthier, and I'll admit it, my physique more fit before a big trip to Mexico next fall.   

1. Drink More Water: I mentioned this in my Count Me Healthy video, and it's still been a good-day/bad-day thing. The goal is a very do-able 5 glasses, and yet some days I only hit one. It's time to make this happen once and for all!

2. Work out every day.  Not work out hard every day, for I do believe in rest days, but on rest days I can be doing restorative yoga or target arms or gluts.   Something for at least 20 minutes every single day.

3. Keep a food journal.  I've tried to do this before and have never made it more than 2 or 3 days max.  That's terrible!  In order to restore balance in my diet, or pinpoint which foods make me feel great and which make me feel not so great, I need to keep track.  I baked brownies yesterday, for instance, so I can say no to the fries today at lunch and have one of my brownies after dinner.  

Beginning today, there are 66 days left in the year.  So for the next 66 days*, I'm going to do each of those things EVERY DAY.  And come 2014?  They'll be habits! That's my WHY: Good habits!

Y'all hold me accountable, ok?   Are there any habits you want to form?  Join me in starting today and we can work together!  Share your goals below!

*Yes, even Christmas Day.  We can do this! 

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