Trick or Treat: Beauty Giveaway!


In honor of Halloween, my friend Libby Bruno has offered to put some treats in your mailbox!  I mean, we don't really need all that candy anyway, right?  I just read an article that sugar causes wrinkles, so keep that in mind before reaching for that 6th Snickers Fun Size...  Anyway, Libby has been a long time lover of Rodan and Fields skincare line, and the amazing results it's had on her radiant skin is apparent.  That's why, even without the need for a new career, Libby decided to become a part of their team, to bring the confidence of healthy glowing skin to other women.  Read on for your TREAT!

KN: Self-confidence comes from within, but is definitely supported in positive or negative ways by how we feel about our appearance.  What experience have you had in seeing women's confidence change when they feel great about the way they look?
LB: I have found that helping people change their skin truly does change their lives.  Even when someone is honestly secure in themselves on the inside, often the face they show the rest of the world can affect their self confidence.  By helping people with different skin concerns I am able to see them gain a confidence they were lacking before, and, in turn, see their true colors released!

There are so many skincare lines out there, and so many different needs that women have from the products they choose.  Who is Rodan and Fields best for?
Rodan and Fields is wonderful for anyone with skin.  The real question is which regimen is best suited to each individual's skin concern.  I always urge my clients to use my solution tool (click HERE) to see what regimen is best for them to start, and then help them address any other skin concerns they may have with products to pair with their regimen.

You're a Pure Barre girl! What do you love most about your workouts?
I love Pure Barre almost as much as I love Rodan!  I adore the fact the Pure Barre is a challenge and that it gives me the chance to just forget the rest of the world and focus on improving and taking care of myself for an hour.  I also love seeing how much further I can push myself each class.  I always make sure I take care of my skin after every good workout!  I love my R+F eye cloths for a quick clean!

What is one great life lesson you've learned that, now at 30, you wish you'd known sooner?
Well, one thing I have learned is that I LOVE being 30!  It's like all the pressure to get done all the things we said we would do "before we turn thirty" has dissolved and now I can just be me!  Also, I've been holding this quote with me for sometime now:  

"New people won’t stop coming into your life and opportunities won’t stop knocking on the door but you need to have the space for them. In all you currently have– be them relationships or obligations– step back and ask yourself “why.” If you can find the answer, hold tighter. If the answer escapes you, it’s time to let something go."

Ok one more thing, I practice a pretty simple skincare regimen and don't battle any specific issues, but at almost-31 I'm noticing the changes around my eyes beginning to show.  How can I help my eyes age gracefully, by which, of course, I mean hardly at all?
Eyes are so fragile and the thinner skin around them start to show our age earlier on than other areas of our face.  There are so many factors that effect this including sleep deprivation, pollution, the sun's rays, putting in contact lenses and taking off make-up. Even smiling, frowning, or just blinking!  I personally suffer from consistent puffy eyes as this runs in my family.  I mentioned our REDEFINE Eye Cloths before that I use religiously after working out or to remove make-up before bedtime.  They not only gently remove make-up but they also deposit anti-aging peptides to reduce the appearance of fine lines and puffiness all in one step.  Also, our REDEFINE Multi-function Eye Cream also utilizes proven peptides to visibly reduce crow's feet, dark circles, and puffiness.  It also noticeably brightens your eye area with optical filters that reflect light!

Libby has been so kind as to offer us some giveaways!  Read on and follow the instructions to collect some Rodan + Fields goodies!! 


1) A Redefine Eye Cream (a $59 value) OR A Redefine Lip Renewing Serum (a $53 value).  Your choice! To enter, click HERE for the Solution Tool to find out what Regimen is best for you, then comment your results below to enter. I will choose a winner at random. This Giveaway ends on November 6, 2013

2) A $20 Visa Gift Card: To enter, become a Preferred Customer and Libby will pay the one time $20 fee in the form of a Visa gift card. Comment below for details! This Giveaway ends on November 6, 2013

3) A Free Mini-Facial:  Comment below and Libby will send you a FREE mini-facial.  No expiration date!

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Meet Libby Bruno! 

"As a real estate professional by trade I was looking for a way to diversity my income during down times in the economy.  I was also looking for an income option with less hours and that wasn't limiting in terms of location.  I originally discovered Rodan and Fields 5 years ago when I was trying to expand my real estate career.  I turned down the opportunity at the time and I could kick myself for that now!  I came back across R+F throughmy incredible friend Jessica Edwards whom I have seen soar in this business in a short time during the past few years.  What impressed me was the few hours I could work as I grew alongside my full-time job, the extremely lucrative success I would earn, but most important to me was how many other people I could bless along the way.  Now, I am loving this business and earning money to help support our growing family.  The best part is, I can help others through my passion in business coaching and development to achieve their dreams!"  

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