Weekend Writing

Here's a little peek behind the curtain of what I'm working on in my new book and my one-on-one workshops.

Take a little time this weekend to do some free-writing.  Think about the things that you believe in most strongly, what ignites your passion, how you would describe yourself to others.  This is the question you're answering, in any way you feel inspired to: 


This is the first step in creating a personal brand, or in other words recognizing how you want to truly be living, and how you should appear to others.  From there, I'll show you some tools for taking what you learn about yourself in this writing exercise into action to create an authentic and powerful self.

For some personal insight, you're welcome to share with me what you write.  You can comment below or email me at kimberly (at) kimberlynovosel (dot) com. 


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