Why Wednesday: Introduction


It's the "why" that keeps us going in anything we do.  At the end of 2012, I set a goal to run two half marathons this year in two cities outside of the one where I was living.  Why running a half?  I had gone from being "not a runner!" to nailing my 5K in 27 minutes, and I needed a new challenge.  Why two far away cities?  I love to travel, so the plan was that my best friend would choose one city and I would choose the other, and we would run together in these cities we wanted to visit anyway.  As my training continued, my "whys" faded from view.  Heather moved away so travel capabilities changed.  I began to mix my almost-daily running with more yoga and SoulCycle, therefore my running days were a little slower.  My heart was no longer in it.

We can do nothing without a WHY.  It's what drives us to create, to act, to accomplish, to become.  In this new series I'll be sharing the power of the whys in my life (or in others' lives) in the hopes that you feel inspired to recognize and define your own whys.  Having them in your sight and not just in your subconscious gives them more power.  Which gives you more power.  

Check back next Wednesday for more! 

COMMENT: What's the main "why" in your life right now?  


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