8 Things Every Happy Woman Should Have (My Version)

Recently I came across an article on Cupcakes and Cashmere (which followed the original post on Thought Catalog) listing 8 things every happy woman should have.  I felt inspired to share my own take on these 8 things, and I'd love to hear yours in the comments below!

1. A Go-To-Drink: I love a Dark and Stormy, but because not every watering hole has ginger beer on hand then my default is Jack and Ginger.  

2. A Go-To Karaoke Song:  I actually really detest karaoke, though I've been practicing some Carrie Underwood and hoping if I can hit those high notes that I might become less afraid of a karaoke night with friends.

3. A Uniform: Jeans, a v-neck tee or cotton tank (the softer the better) and a few pieces of staple jewelry including a rose gold bracelet my friend Carrie gave me for my 30th birthday, and my beloved Count Me Healthy bracelets. 

4. A Hair Stylist They Love:  I have one in every city!  Sierra Mack Wilson at Troubadour Salon in Nashville rocks my world, and as it seems I'll be spending more time visiting Nashville next year, I can't wait to get her talented hands back on my locks. 

5. An Exercise Routine:  Do I even need to say it?! Running, Riding (SoulCycle whenever possible) and Yoga!  

6. A Hobby: Writing, Reading glossy magazines, Trying new workouts, Tasting wine, and Reading, to name a few.

7. A Best Friend:  I can't answer this without making someone feel left out, so let's just say I have several women who I keep in touch with almost-daily, who love me and lift me and are honest with me and I them.  These intimate friendships are one of the greatest blessings in my life.

8. A Healthy Sense of Self:  It's taken me a long time and some wrong roads to get there, but knowing and liking who I am has brought me such a sense of peace in my life.  And even more than that, it's made me a better person, a better friend, a harder-worker, and more satisfied with my own circumstances on both good and bad days.  

Share your 8 below, or tell me what category you think is missing from this list!

Kimberly Novosel5 Comments